5 Hair habits that you need to stop

We all know that bad habits often persist even without releasing them. The daily routine of your hair should definitely include some bad habits that you need to stop. Please read on to help your hair achieve its best state.

You’re not allowing your conditioner enough time to soak into your hair. We know it makes you get bored eventually, however it is important to lather your hair in conditioner and leave for at least 5 minutes. We know it sounds like a ‘NO’ for you but your hair will definitely look better in the long term.

 You are using hair dryer or brush just after you stepped out the shower while the hair is still soaking wet. Unfortunately, this is a BIG mistake! It highly affects your poor tresses, because when the hair is wet, it is at it’s most weakest state. So you have to be careful with that.

 You don’t wait for your hair to air dry so often you go and grab the hair dryer. It is fine until you start to turn up the heat to as high as it can go. This is tending to cause serious harm to your hair very quickly.

Using straighteners having the heat up full, especially without any heat protection is certainly going to cause some harm to your hair. So if you are able to change the heat settings, you can prevent it by using a medium heat. Always bare in mind the heat protector!

Not getting your hair trimmed often enough! It is highly recommended to snip off the dead dry ends monthly, in order for your hair to grow and remain healthy. Did you know that it also encourages growth? You can do it by yourself or going to a stylist, but be sure to show your stylist how much you want taken off the ends to ensure any disappointment.